The celebrity quotient at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif., has grown so high that there may as well be a red carpet at the entrance. Leonardo DiCaprio was among the throngs of famous faces taking in the scene, but did he also bust an awkward move while watching a band on Saturday? An excited fellow concertgoer posted the above video, which purports to show DiCaprio, 39, shaking his groove thing to MGMT. He even boogies down and seemingly does a Jumping Jacks-esque dance with a pal. Unfortunately, the booty-shaker's face is covered, so it's impossible to tell for sure if it's Leo, although his clothing appears to match what he was wearing in paparazzi photos snapped the same day (and he's already proved his amazing rug-cutting skills on camera). If it is DiCaprio, good for him for cutting loose and having fun. A concert without dorky dancers is like the Oscars without couture.