Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images North America 1 / 12
Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images North America 1 / 12

When is a joke seriously not funny? When it shows just how easy it is to bypass security on the red carpet and get way too close to a celebrity. On Thursday night, Leonardo DiCaprio ended up with a man wrapped around his crotch (see pic below) as he arrived at the Santa Barbara Film Festival to be honored alongside Martin Scorsese.

The personal space-invading hugger was notorious Ukrainian prankster Vitalii Sediuk, who pulled the same move last month on Bradley Cooper and once attempted to kiss Will Smith (he received a slap in return).

The actor, to his credit, handled the incident with aplomb. He offered a smile but held off Sediuk as much as possible until nearby handlers could peel the prankster away from his swimsuit area.

A film festival spokesman tells E! News that Sediuk "broke through the barricade and did this. He was 'escorted' off the premises and now blackballed."

(And go ahead and snicker at the use of "blackballed" -- we did.)

Meanwhile, in other Leo news, Page Six raised its eyebrows after he was spotted leaving a New York nightclub with model Nina Agdal over Super Bowl weekend. They also supposedly "flirted" during Jay Z's performance at DirectTV's pre-game bash.

Agdal is rumored to be dating Max George of The Wanted, while DiCaprio is still linked to model Toni Garrn, who appeared Thursday night at the Berlin premiere of "The Grand Budapest Hotel."

But a source assures the paper that Leo and Toni are still an item, and nothing untoward happened with Agdal. In other words, nothing to see here, move along …

One last DiCaprio tidbit: Despite his decades in Hollywood, he tells the Los Angeles Times that he's never done drugs, which makes his "Wolf of Wall Street" performance all the more impressive. He cites the rough neighborhood he grew up in as the reason.

"That's because I saw this stuff literally every day when I was 3 or 4 years old. So Hollywood was a walk in the park for me," he explains. "I'd go to parties and it was there and, yeah, there's that temptation."