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Miley Cyrus took time out of her busy schedule of twerking with life-size teddy bears and making out with look-alike dolls to wing north for a visit with fiancé Liam Hemsworth, who's on location shooting "Cut Bank."

Pictures of the pair spending time together in Alberta, Canada, popped up on Twitter this week, including one shot of a pantsless, Tupac T-shirt-wearing Miley posing between Liam and a female fan. Unfortunately, the only one who looks comfortable in the photo is the fan.

According to E! News, Cyrus, 20, and Hemsworth, 23, spent Monday hiking and avoiding camera phone-wielding onlookers at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Radar Online, meanwhile, says they checked into to luxury resort the day before but didn't emerge from their room for 24 hours.

The popster was also spotted Saturday in the elevator of an Edmonton hotel, with her oft-disappearing sparkler on full display.

"She said hi and was nice and kept texting on her phone," relays the eyewitness. "The thing [that was noticeable] was the ring Miley was wearing. It looked like a big engagement ring. It was a massive. She was wearing short-shorts and heels and was all legs. She was very pleasant and seemed happy texting whoever she was texting."

The couple, who have been engaged for a little over a year, were last spotted on June 17, when they ventured out in Los Angeles to see a movie. It was the first time they'd been photographed together in months, and it helped quell rampant rumblings of trouble in their three-year romance.


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