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Rihanna is more than just a singer -- she's an inspiration. Just ask one bendy employee at a Houston-area strip club, where the chanteuse surfaced in the early hours of Thursday morning with her sometime flame and collaborator, Drake.

The risqué rendezvous came after they attended each other's Texas concerts this week. According to E! News, Drake took Rihanna to dinner after checking out her Dallas show on Monday night, and she was spotted dancing and singing at his Houston concert a couple days later.

Around 2 a.m. on Thursday, RiRi, 25, reportedly arrived at the V Live Gentlemen's Club (the same spot that recently hosted Justin Bieber). About 30 minutes later, Drake, 27, showed up and security moved Rihanna to his section, where they proceeded to enjoy the stripper action.

A dancer named Jhonni Blaze tells E! that she performed for the pair for over three hours, although it apparently involved more than just gyrations and pole-spinning.

Aspiring singer Blaze claims Rihanna offered her career advice and told her to "dream big" and "not be afraid to put herself out there" (the latter doesn't seem to be an issue). She adds that they had a bonding moment over their similarly shaved coifs.

Drake didn't say much because "he was too busy throwing money," she shares, estimating he flung about $12,000. RiRi, for her part, tossed more than $5,000 at the club (Radar puts the cash outlay far higher -- $97,000).

And Blaze, student of human nature that she is, says that Rihanna and Drake "looked like a couple" and were "really cool people," noting that they sat "very close" to each other and were "even dressed alike."

Neither drank or smoked much during their cash spree, and they exited together, relays the epidermis-baring professional.

The two stars have been linked sporadically since 2009, and their closeness purportedly sparked a bottle-flinging nightclub brawl in 2012 between Drake and Rihanna's rage-prone, still-rehabbing ex, Chris Brown.

"Yeah, great girl," Drake told Ellen DeGeneres in September. "We had our moment. Always support and have love for her."