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Here's the problem with reading too much into photos: Sometimes what seems like subtext is just text. Take Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page, who became chummy while filming the soon-to-be released thriller "The East." Over the last year, they've been snapped looking friendly at hockey games, the airport and on the red carpet.

Then, over the weekend, the film's director, Zal Batmanglij, tweeted a photo that showed the strapping "True Blood" vamp snuggling up with the teeny, trucker hat-sporting actress (see below).

"This reminds me of shooting," he wrote under the image. "When we'd lie in the grass listening to Toby practice [Zal's Vampire Weekend-fronting brother] Rostam's piano piece. #TheEast,"

Page retweeted the pic, and joked that it was a "Canadian tuxedo party," a nod to their denim-heavy ensembles.

As PR moves go, it was a good one: Interest in the movie was sparked as speculation mounted over whether the vertically mismatched pair were really an item.

The London Daily Mail enthused that the co-stars, who haven't been spotted much together outside of the film's promotion, "looked more in love than ever" as their "romance seems to be going from strength to strength."

Or, you know, not.

A source assures People that Skarsgard, 36, and Page, 26, are just pals. The Swedish slab o' beefcake's last high-profile romance was with Kate Bosworth. Ellen, meanwhile, has kept her love life quiet, recently explaining, "I want to be very private. Also because it's for the work. I mean, your job is to create an illusion, you know?"


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