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He's a 37-year-old dad who enjoys supermodels, going on quests to Middle Earth and swashbuckling on the Caribbean; she's a 21-year-old starlet whose turn-ons include Canadian semi-bad boys and eliminating negative influences from her life. But are Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez an item?

Page Six floats the possibility of a budding romance after the age-divergent pair "appeared cozy" while catching Chelsea Handler's stand-up act at The Forum in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

"Selena actually looked really happy," a source tells Hollywood Life. "They both seemed in great spirits."

Word is, they arrived and left together, and at one point paparazzi snapped them sitting on a curb.

"They were just sitting along the sidewalk chatting," an eyewitness tells the New York Daily News, "and as soon as they spotted the photographers, they walked in opposite directions to avoid being papped together."

This marks the second time in a month that Bloom and Gomez have been linked. In a Hollywood Life story that was quickly dismissed as "total nonsense," the rehabbed popster was supposedly "flirting" with the British actor when both attended the We Day California gathering on March 26. Selena shared an Instagram photo from the event showing her posing with Orlando and Seth Rogen, among others.

TMZ, in its inimitable TMZ way, wonders if their connection is "revenge" for Justin Bieber's alleged flirtiness with Bloom's estranged missus, Miranda Kerr, after they met at a Victoria's Secret show in 2012. Even more cynical types note that Selena and Orlando share a talent manager, and wonder if this could be a PR set-up.

Despite the speculation, it doesn't seem as if Selena quite has on-off flame Justin out of her system. In addition to rendezvousing with him at Coachella two weeks ago, she reportedly visited him at an L.A. recording studio on Friday.

Orlando, for his part, has remained girlfriend-free since his split from Kerr last October after three years of marriage and one son, 3-year-old Flynn.

The romance rumors come amid major changes for Gomez: She just hired Katy Perry's manager after firing her parents. Plus, following an "epiphany" at Coachella (hey, who hasn't had one of those, amirite?), she's allegedly keeping away from the likes of Kendall and Kylie Jenner in order to "stay on the straight and narrow." In response, the Jenner camp harrumphs to TMZ that Gomez is the "toxic" one, and they "feel like they're better off without her."

As for Bieber, he surfaced Saturday in New York, where he Instagrammed a photo from Central Park and hinted about settling down, because clearly that's the direction he's heading right now.

"Was gonna wait to go to Central Park for when I proposed to my future wife," he wrote, "but s--- sometimes things change. ♛ I'll think of something more romantic."


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