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Depending on whether you believe a well-paid attorney or those ever-popular anonymous sources, Lindsay Lohan was either stone-cold sober or three sheets to the wind during a New York nightclub dust-up that led to her arrest on Thursday morning.

"She was certainly not intoxicated, certainly not under the influence of drugs," LiLo's lawyer assures E! News. "She was clear [and] lucid, her eyes were clear. No alcohol involvement whatsoever on this occasion."

But insiders scoff at the idea of a teetotaling Lohan and claim to TMZ that she's been drinking "heavily for months now ... as much as two liters of vodka a day. … [She] would often begin drinking first thing in the morning and continue drinking throughout the day."

The spies cite Lohan's legal, professional and financial problems as the reason for her alleged dipsomania, which supposedly led her to punch a palm-reading Floridian in the face at hot spot Avenue.

"Depressed" over the scathing response to "Liz & Dick," Lindsay, 26 (yep, only 26), went on a "two-day bender" before encountering self-described psychic Tiffany Mitchell, according to the New York Post.

A snitch contends that the interaction escalated when Lohan began searching the club for her sister Ali's designer purse, which was packed with $10,000 she'd apparently handed over to her little sister.

"The woman was agitated, as Lindsay is looking for a purse close to the woman. And then the woman gets in her face," maintains a bystander. Lohan purportedly yelled at Mitchell to "give me back my purse."

"Lindsay had stuffed her jacket and the purse behind the banquette, then went to look for it and couldn't see it," says a spy. "She was too drunk to remember where it was."

Later, says the paper, the two women bumped into each other when they both eyeballed a fight that had broken out on the dance floor, prompting Lohan to warn Mitchell, "Get out of my space. I need my space." A short time later, the starlet purportedly shoved her fist in the other woman's face.

Mitchell, however, tells TMZ that the skirmish happened after she offered to give Lohan a free reading because she'd "had a premonition," one that seemingly didn't include getting clocked in the eye by a long-spiraling actress.

That led to LiLo's "give me space" comment, which Mitchell's purports she followed up by calling her a "[bleeping] gypsy." That's when things heated up, she asserts.

"We are not Gypsies," Mitchell's husband huffs to TMZ. "That has nothing to do with our religion. It was a racist comment."

Meanwhile, Lindsay appears to have needed space following her release from custody. She was caught on camera yelling for her shaggy-haired assistant and longtime minion, Gavin Doyle, to get out of her car.

He then followed the lead of Lohan's publicity-seeking parents by taking to Twitter to voice his concerns.

"After bailing you out last night I HOPE and PRAY you get the help you so desperately need," said Gavin, who's the same guy that Lohan reportedly told police was driving her Porsche when it rear-ended a truck in June. "Life is NOT a movie it's a reality that needs to be faced."


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