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@tamarainfashion / Instagram 1 / 12

Sealed with a kiss! Gwyneth Paltrow sure knows how steal the show.

The actress, while sitting front and center at the Valentino couture show in Rome, grabbed the main man of the hour and planted a wet one on him. Gwyneth had her phone ready, snapping a selfie in the process.

A fellow attendee of the show snapped captured the moment of the smooch, which shows Valentino Garavani almost caught off guard, but clearly not uncomfortable.

Gwyneth looked gorgeous, as she usually does, in a scarlet dress. The full-length dress dared the gravity gods with its deep V neckline. Gwyn wore her hair straight, creating a beautiful natural look.

"Sorry Gwyn i stole your selfie," the fellow attendee said in her post of the kiss. As of press time, Gwyn has yet to post her close up shot of the smooch. Earlier in the day, she posted a snap of her flowing dress, writing "Rome! #mirabiliaromae @maisonvalentino." She also posted several heart emojis.

We're loving this outfit, too, Gwyn. It's "kiss worthy."