Here's the latest buzz on hair in Hollywood: Celebs from Halle Berry to Rosario Dawson to Amanda Bynes are getting the sides of their heads shaved. Though it's certainly not the first time the extreme look has surfaced (remember the punk era? Or Salt-n-Pepa?), the newest crop of famous shorn sides heralds a revival of the edgy hairstyle.

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Dawson may have kicked off the latest reincarnation of the trend when she buzzed half her head in October for her role in the sequel to Sin City. The actress showed off her dramatic new look on the red carpet this month, telling Us at the Samsung Hope for Children event on June 11, "I've wanted to do it forever. If you look at my Mom's Twitter handle, it's her with a Mohawk at 40. I keep rocking a combover and surprising people, because in one photo I have long hair and then I comb it back over. It's kind of fun. I like it. It's like multiple haircuts and styles in one."

Miley Cyrus followed suit in November, debuting a super-short haircut that featured both sides buzzed to the scalp. Then in February, Rihanna stepped out sporting a funky half-shaved, half-long 'do a la Dawson.

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In April, troubled former child star Bynes hopped on the bandwagon, tweeting "I buzzed half my head like @cassie," referring to pop star Cassie, famous for her assymetrical shaved locks, which she debuted in 2009. (Ke$ha and Avril Lavigne have also rocked the half-shorn hairdo.)

And now, June has seen two more celebrity shaves in Hollywood — on Pink and pregnant Berry. The singer distinguished her half-buzz by adding to the long-hair side pink and green streaks. The Oscar-winning actress, meanwhile, modeled a sophisticated, more conservative version of Cyrus' 'do on the red carpet in Paris on June 13.

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