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Helen Mirren has poked fun at Hollywood's nude photo hacking scandal, insisting she felt "insulted" not to have been included among the famous female victims.

A number of high-profile actresses including Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst were thrust into the spotlight in early September when nude pictures were stolen from their Apple iCloud storage accounts and published on the Internet.

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The hacker behind the leak published a long list of stars whose pictures had yet to be released, and veteran British star Mirren admits she felt disappointed not to have been included alongside her younger contemporaries.

She tells Britain's Magic FM radio station, "I was rather insulted my phone [cloud account)] wasn't hacked, actually. I kept desperately looking at the list of people whose phones were hacked, hoping to see my name. You weren't anybody if your phone hadn't been hacked!"

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She continued, "Who on earth would put nude photos of themselves on their phones anyway? That I don't quite get."

Mirren also urges the Hollywood stars affected by the hacking scandal to laugh it off and move on.

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She adds, "The best thing to do is not to take it so seriously."