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Less than a year after giving birth, Shakira showed off her insane body while on the beach in Spain on Oct. 8.

The mother of 8-month-old Sasha bared her toned abs while performing her famous hip-shaking dance moves in a green bikini top and a black maxi skirt during the shooting of a commercial in Catalonia.

Shakira's longtime trainer, Anna Kaiser, developed the workout program AKT InMotion, which we can only imagine is partly to thank for the singer's impressive body.

"Anna and I have worked together for years," Shakira told Us Weekly in September. "We met when I wanted to get in shape to promote my album "She Wolf." She's so determined and passionate about helping people reach their goals, and on top of that is just a really wonderful person."

Anna explained how important it is to know how to workout after giving birth.

"Most people don't know that pre-and post-birth workouts need to be really different, and target muscles differently than a normal workout," the fitness expert told the magasine. "People are told by trainers and fitness instructors, 'Just don't do it if it hurts,' [when] in actuality, you need to develop a completely different program."

Shakira is also mother to 4-year-old Milan.