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Beautimous, indeed!

In the Jan. 6 "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" Halloween special, matriarch June Shannon, 33, decided it was time to say goodbye to her graying curls and hello to sleeker, blonder locks. Instead of visiting a beauty salon, however, the mother of four decided to let her girls apply the dye at their kitchen table.

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"Mama, all your bugs are jumping out your head," pageant queen Alana Thompson, 7, said while coating her mother's hair with the product. "Smells like boot boo ... and glue ... and feet."

When Shannon joked that she wanted to go blond like her youngest daughter, Thompson replied, "Mama, you'll never be as beautiful as me. You just keep on trying, though."

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Shannon's husband, Sugar Bear, was excited about his wife's major hair makeover. "Seeing June as a blonde would definitely make my loins perk up," he said before the big reveal. Once Shannon debuted her new 'do, he raved, "June looked like a blond bombshell."

Their children were less complimentary. "Mama's hair looks a hot mess," Jessica "Chubbs," 16, said. "Point blank, period, a hot mess."

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Alana then asked for a show of hands for who likes her mom's new look; Sugar Bear and Shannon were the only ones who voted to keep it.


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