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Paris Hilton is planning to boost her assets with a new range of cleavage-enhancing underwear.

The socialite has amassed a business empire which includes a shoe collection, fragrances, handbags, hair extensions and clothes.

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Now Hilton is adding her to entrepreneurial ventures with a new range of lingerie and swimwear, which will launch later this year.

And the flat-chested star, who opted out of a breast enhancement operation because she was scared of surgery, is especially pleased with her design for a push-up bra.

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She says, "In my lingerie line, I have a bra that I designed for flat-chested girls and it makes your boobs look huge! People think it's fake boobs. Everyone's like, 'Did you…?' I'm like 'No!' It makes me look like a double-D. I'm flat-chested compared to most girls in Hollywood."

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