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Nothing is quite as effective at putting breakup rumors to rest as a free exchange of saliva on a JumboTron. On Tuesday, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel playfully smooched for the "Kiss Cam" during the Los Angeles Lakers-Utah Jazz playoff game at the Staples Center. The crooner even removed his Clark Kent-style glasses for the crowd-pleasing clinch, which left them both sporting grins. The courtside-seated pair's PDA continued throughout the game, a show of togetherness that should quiet split whispers sparked by Justin's appearance sans Jessica at Kate Hudson's birthday party last Friday. "Things are very good with them," a source tells Us Weekly. "They do things separately sometimes."

Turns out the tabloids aren't just playing matchmaker for Jennifer Aniston, who may or may not have her eye on Gerard Butler. Her ex, John Mayer, is also being paired with someone new. Star claims the crooner dusted off his wooing skills on a waitress-cum-wannabe actress and model named Scheana Marie Jancan, 23, whom he supposedly met earlier this month when she delivered his drinks at a Beverly Hills lounge. "Scheana was shocked and thrilled when John asked her out," a snitch tells the tab. "She has always thought he was hot, and she said yes right away, writing down her cell phone number on a napkin. They flirted the whole time, and he told her she was cute." The dark-haired drink-slinger, who was apparently involved in a Hooters-related invasion of privacy lawsuit several years back, has spent time at Mayer's pad, according to the mag. "There is always food and beer around," says the easily impressed source. "Scheana said she has loads of fun there; it's like spring break!" Sounds like a romance for the ages.

Three months after quietly tying the knot at City Hall in Paris, Salma Hayek is gearing up to celebrate her union to moneybags French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault on a much larger scale. E! News reports the couple is hosting a bash in Venice, Italy, this weekend for family and friends, including celebrity pals Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Salma, who wed Pinault on Valentine's Day in a sweet nod to their 19-month-old daughter, Valentina, recently dismissed claims that she was shelling out $2 million for a vow-swap sequel. "I think a wedding is about love, friends, family and fun," she told People magazine. "I think spending millions of dollars on a wedding is ridiculous and it has never been my dream. I would never do that."

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