Nothing gets a celebrity couple in the mood for cuddling quite like indie bands and a jam-packed crowd of sweaty hipsters. This weekend, a host of celebrity twosomes rocked out at the Coachella music festival in Indio, Calif., and they weren't stingy with the PDA.

Among the lovebirds attempting to blend in with the music-loving masses were Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, who nestled tightly while taking in a set by Jenny Lewis on Saturday (fun fact: Jake and Jenny were romantically linked for a nanosecond several years back).

The A-list amours were apparently so caught up in each other that neither noticed the actor's fly was down, something the paparazzi helpfully documented. Still, better them pointing it out than his ex, Kirsten Dunst, who was spotted hanging at the fest with her brother.

In between shows, Reese kicked back by a hotel pool in a white-and-yellow-striped bikini and fedora.

Also on hand -- and handsy -- were Drew Barrymore and her "best friend" Justin Long, who followed up their affectionate appearance at last week's New York premiere of "Grey Gardens" with more of the same.

"They were 100 percent together," a spy tells FoxNews of the sometime flames, who were spotted in the VIP area at M.I.A.'s performance on Saturday night. "Justin had his hands on her hips all night and they were kissing and hugging throughout the whole show."

Drew got into the spirit of the event (and perhaps fulfilled her Cover Girl contractual duties) by smearing white makeup on her face a la Adam Ant circa 1984.

Other couples spied enjoying quality cuddle-bunnies at the festival included Anne Hathaway and beau Adam Shulman, who were caught in an embrace; Kate Bosworth and her model-boyfriend James Rousseau, who were seen slow-dancing; the ubiquitous Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt, doing what they do; and -- random sighting alert -- David Hasselhoff and a lady friend, who -- ick -- polished each other's tonsils for the cameras.

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