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Anyone else in favor of locking Tori Spelling and her mom, Candy, in a room until they either resolve their deep-seated issues through intensive talk therapy or a good old-fashioned catfight?

Thought so.

In the latest episode of the long-running Spelling saga, Candy kvetches to OK! magazine about how negatively she's portrayed in Tori's new tome, "Mommywood."

"It hurts a lot," she emotes. "She's always playing the victim, but at 36 years old, I think it's time not to play the victim anymore."

And even though Candy recently posted a plea on her Web site asking her daughter to get in touch, she pretty much slams the door on a mother-and-child reunion by questioning Tori's parenting priorities with kids Liam, 2, and Stella, 10 months.

"I certainly never took one of my kids and made them objects," snipes Mama Spelling, who recently put her behemoth estate on the market for $150 million. "It's always like they've got them when it's convenient for the press. They are objects that are being used for her press persona."

She went even further during her Wednesday appearance on Larry King by suggesting Tori's estrangement took a huge toll on her late husband, Aaron Spelling.

"It really broke Aaron's heart," guilt-trips Candy. "It was -- I hate to say that that's why he kind of gave up at the end. It was just heartbreaking to him."

Over to you, Tori ...

"I'm not actively seeking a relationship with my mother. But if she wants to be an active grandparent, I would love that," she told the ladies of "The View" this week. "But I really feel that if she is serious about it, then she needs to reach [out] she has my phone number. She has my e-mail. She knows where I live. She could write me a letter."

Seems Candy also knows how to contact In Touch, with whom she discusses her concerns over her daughter's worryingly slimline figure.

"My door is always open if she ever wants to talk," she tells the magazine. "If she needs help about it, I'm there."

Candy shouldn't wait by the phone.

Tori, who recently landed a few new gigs with husband Dean McDermott courtesy of the Oxygen Network, adamantly denies recent tabloid claims that she's lost too much weight.

"Oh my God, I'm not anorexic," the "90210" blonde insists to People magazine. "I acknowledge that I look thin in photos. I get it."

That said, "People haven't seen me not pregnant in two and a half years," Spelling points out. "I'm eating healthy, I just have a crazy lifestyle."

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