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Brooke Shields has still got it!

The actress and model is wowing everyone after she was photographed in Mexico recently rocking an unbelievably toned body in a green bikini.

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Did we mention that she's 49 years old and has two children?!

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Brooke has been revealing more of herself of late, whether in a bikini or in print, having recently released her book, "There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me."

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In the book, the "Endless Love" star opens up about her famous romances and her topsy-turvy relationship with her mother. Her relationship with former boyfriend Dean Cain caught her mother's ire in a bad way, she revealed.

Brooke wrote, "Mom was unjustly judgmental of our romantic relationship and she feared it on a deeper level. I don't know if she would ever admit to it but this threat went beyond Catholicism. I believe she wanted me to stay hers alone. She believed in an absolute hold she had on me ... And growing up, and having sex, would mean that I was leaving her."

Brooke is now married to husband Chris Henchy, but her former love still thinks fondly for her, telling Meredith Vieira, "We truly had a wonderful relationship, we were two young people and we cared for each other," he said. "She is a wonderful person, girl, woman and mother, everything now and wife, just going to put that out there."