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Avril Lavigne had some dark days during her battle with Lyme disease, but thankfully she had her family and friends to rely on, including husband Chad Kroger.

"He's been very supportive," she told PEOPLE for its latest cover story, an all but rebuttal of longtime rumors of marital strife.

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But her rock, so-to-speak, was her mom, who moved in to Avril's Canadian home with her daughter for four months to help take care of her while Chad was recording a new album with his band, Nickelback.

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Her fans, too, were a huge source of support.

"It's depressing to be staring at your ceiling," Avril said of being bedridden for five months. "So I spent a lot of time on my phone and was on Twitter a lot ... [My fans] were asking about me since I was MIA, so I mentioned to one fan directly that I wasn't feeling good."

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From there, came the get-well wishes from her millions of fans.

"The get-well messages and videos they sent touched me so deeply. I lay in bed watching them and cried so much because I felt loved," she said. "It was so powerful and beautiful."

Avril said she's 80 percent better, so well on her way to a full recovery. And, she has something to look forward to: She's releasing a new song as part of the 2015 Special Olympics. Of the song, she said, "Knowing that I have the release of the song to look forward to and knowing that my fans were waiting for the new music helped me stay alive inside during some of my darkest times."