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Wolverine's wife is not pleased.

Many would consider themselves lucky to be married to the multi-talented, very hunky Hugh Jackman, but "lucky" isn't a word his longtime spouse Deborra-Lee Furness is very fond of. The actress recently admitted that she feels disrespected when people use the word in terms of her marriage. 

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"That to me is a putdown. [It's] like you suggesting I won the chook raffle. I think we create our own destiny," the 58-year-old said in the October issue of Australian Women's Weekly. (Chook raffle is the Australian term to raffle off chicken meat.)

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"When people look at my life, they don't know the challenges [I face], just like I don't know someone else's [challenges]," she continued. "With every privilege, comes responsibility and challenges."

Jackman, 45, and Furness have been married for 18 years and share son Oscar, 14, and daughter Ava, 9. Last July, he opened up about their relationship to Good Housekeeping.

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"From day one, we were best mates. We just clicked. We were giggling and laughing -- we just connected," he said. "She has two speeds: Stop and Go. She is always, 'Let's do this, let's do that.' And she is very funny, very quick."

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The twosome also click in the bedroom. "The sheets we go through," the Aussie actor told The Sun that same month, noting that he even wears his Wolverine costume to keep things kinky. "Oh my God, it's dreadful! Always with the claws. I'm like, 'Mix the salad. Put them to use, come on!'"