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Is there a chink in the Beckham armor?

A London-based newspaper is speculating that David and Victoria Beckham's marriage could be on the rocks and it argues that there is no greater sign of this than a fading tattoo on her back that is dedicated to her husband.

The tattoo, which she first got in 2005 and is inked down her spine, reads, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."

While being spotted during New York Fashion Week, the ink did appear to be fading, although a rep claimed it's simply dimming over time. The Daily Mail is reporting that she been getting laser treatment to get the ink removed to be taken "more seriously" in the fashion industry. The Sun newspaper, though, has a much dimmer view of the couple and sees the fading tattoo as a symbol of strain.

It's also being reported that she removed two tattoos on her wrist that had been dedicated to her husband.The first tattoo marked the date she and David renewed their wedding vows in 2006, while the second bears the phrase "again from the start" in Latin, which she got when her family moved to America for David's gig with the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team in 2007.

"Victoria seems embarrassed about her tattoos -- probably because she thinks they're cheap and tacky," The Sun's source said. "But it's still surprising she would so readily get rid of ones that had such sentimental meaning to her in the past."

The Sun says tension surfaced between the two when she didn't attend Guy Ritchie's wedding earlier this year, primarily because she doesn't like David's friends, like Jason Statham and his girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

"It's no secret among those who are close to David that Victoria isn't close to some of his friends. It's caused tension between them lately, which they've tried to keep a lid on," the source said. "She's not a fan of him hanging around Jason and Rosie in the same way she apparently didn't like his friendship with Charlize Theron a few years back although of course nothing happened between them."

David, meanwhile, continues to use his body as a family canvass. In July, he inked his knuckle with the number "99" to honor the year he married his wife. He also recently got his son Brooklyn's nickname, Buster, tatted on his neck. That tattoos came after getting a tattoo for his daughter Harper that said "Pretty Lady" above her name. "Hey Pretty Lady," David Instagrammed at the time. "Just adding to the collection of tattoos that mean so much to me."

While The Sun's source certainly had a dim view of the future of the marriage, it also quotes someone who says David and Victoria will still stay incredibly devoted to each other in the end.

"There is a lot of love in that marriage. It's not the most traditional relationship by any means and there is a lot of stress over the pressures of their business. But they love their children far more than anything else in the world," the source said. "And they've got to the point where they've been through so much they realize they're better together than apart. Brand Beckham will continue."