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She likes to watch. Jada Pinkett-Smith doesn't freak out about her husband's steamy sex scenes in movie roles. But that doesn't mean she isn't a freak, if you catch our drift!

In an interview with Extra, Jada said she actually gets turned on by watching Will Smith get hot and bothered with his "Focus" costar, the stunning Margot Robbie.

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"After 20 years... It's kind of a nice voyeuristic way to see your man, but I am kind of weird in that way," she admitted. "That's a whole other conversation."

Will quipped: "She a little freaky like that," to which his wife replied, "Unfortunately, he's right."

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Being constantly sought after for all kinds of roles, the couple knows a thing or two about seeing their partner in an intimate setting with a costar — Jada recently finished working on "Magic Mike XXL."

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"The difference was everybody's naked in Jada's movie,' Will joked, his wife laughing next to him. "It's just overkill. It's like somebody needs to put some drawers on. There's so many famous people in 'Magic Mike 2,' everywhere I go there's some man there who's been in his drawers with my wife."

Somebody's gotta say it: It's getting hot in here!