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Janice Dickinson fell unconscious on live TV on Sept. 1 due to a bee sting and producers were unsure whether she was going to survive.

The former supermodel was sitting in the Diary Room of the "Celebrity Big Brother" house when she began complaining about the bee sting, asking show staffers to bring her an EpiPen. All caught on TV, Janice began showing a staffer her hand, which was becoming increasingly discolored.

"Look, look at the color of the hands. This is turning blue," she panicked. "It's going up my hand. I don't want it to reach my heart!". While struggling to breathe, she said she could "barely" swallow.

She then slumped over and appeared to have a seizure in the chair before falling to the ground.

During this medical emergency, producers briefly cut away a few times, but continued to put the live feed back up. Janice was quickly taken to an area hospital, where she was treated and returned to the Big Brother house.

TMZ claims "it was very serious" and Janice "almost died." Janice, the site said, is extremely allergic, but didn't have her own EpiPen with her in the house.

Her current condition isn't exactly known, but again, she has returned to the reality TV home.