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Joel Ryan / Invision/AP 1 / 5

By Saryn Chorney, reporting by Mary S. Park

As rabid Roald Dahl fans everywhere gear up for the latest adaptation of the author's beloved books, Wonderwall jumped at the opportunity to attend the "Fantastic Mr. Fox" press tour and premiere at the London Film Festival this week. Aside from an intimate tet-a-tet with leading man George Clooney, we also sat down with stars Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray, as well as director Wes Anderson. The men spoke about Clooney as a father figure, their "spirit" animals and a couple of funny humans.

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Jason Schwartzman on George Clooney's (faux) parenting skills:

"It was tough love [with] just one look. He didn't have to raise his voice. I knew to cut it out. You didn't want to cross him. I knew [when] I was in trouble, [but] he was a great daddy ... George and Bill are two of the funniest humans I've ever been around, and everything they say is funny and interesting and unique."

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Bill Murray on portraying a badger:

"I've got multicolored hair. I live beneath the ground, in a home that's built into the side of a hill, and I'm ferocious when attacked. I have a little bit of an accent from the Midwest. Badgers are tough characters. They say a fight between a badger and a wolverine is a good fight that's not to be missed."

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Wes Anderson on working with Clooney:

"He's such a good actor, and he is a very warm, engaging person. He's like Cary Grant, or [someone] like that. "

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