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July 1 marks a historic day for the University of Louisville as the college sees its sports teams move to the Atlantic Coast Conference from its former home in the American Athletic Conference. And just to clear up something real quick: You are still reading a celebrity news website!

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So let's get to Hollywood part of this sports story: Oscar-winning actress and Louisville enthusiast Jennifer Lawrence has lent her voice to a minute-long clip on which serves to introduce Louisville to its new conference friends and foes. And who better to do so than the Louisville, Kent., native?

"I grew up in the Derby City, home to a proud and storied university filled with rich athletic tradition and packed with fans who are as loyal and passionate as any in college sports," Jennifer says in the video. "This region and these people live and breathe the Cardinals. The 'L' is the sign that connects all of us to one strong and united Card Nation. Now the next chapter of Louisville athletics is upon us as we join the prestigious ACC and prepare to face some of history's most accomplished and elite collegiate programs."

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