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Jennifer Lawrence has a lot of titles, but "The Hunger Games" star can now add "animal rescuer" to her resume. And not just any pet rescuer, Katherine Heigl's dog's rescuer.

How did that happen, you ask?

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While on the "Today Show" promoting her new series "State of Affairs," Katherine explained that her dog Gertie goes everywhere with her, but the little pooch was left confused recently when the actress left her New York hotel room. The story behind the doggie escape is "so embarrassing" the Emmy winner said before divulging the details.

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"I had to use the facilities so I went to my mom's [hotel room] because a lot of people were in my room, and I guess when I got out -- [Gertie] gets really upset and nervous when she can't see me or hear me -- so she must have snuck out of my room," the "Grey's Anatomy" actress said.

"Suddenly we just hear this voice in the hallway, 'Whose dog is this? Somebody lost their dog!' So my mom goes out and Jennifer Lawrence has my dog," Katherine said.

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And while the actress was certainly happy to have her blonde chihuahua returned, she was a little jealous of her mom.

"I love her," Katherine said with a doggone-it tone, "and I didn't get to meet her."