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Jennifer Lopez says her 1-year-old twin girl Emme is already taking after mommy's divalicious ways.

Emme "kind of like takes a step and stops and picks things up, and she's like, 'I don't know - maybe I'll eat this, I don't know. Mom, can I have some of your water? Oh, forget it!'" Lopez says on Friday's Rachel Ray Show (check your local listings). "She's really kind of indecisive, but at the same time very precise."

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"Emme has her moments," the star goes on. "She's funny because we call her Emme-tude. We're like, 'She's giving us Emme-tude!'" She doesn't do the whole knocking everything down and all that, but when she catches an attitude, wooooah! She gets that from her dad. I'm kidding - she gets it from me!"

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Max "is more like the visceral boy, running, knocking things down, eating the world," says Lopez, adding that he is also like his self-described "tomboy" mommy.

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She and Marc Anthony are always playfully fighting over whom their babies resemble more.

"Me and Mark are always claiming, 'He's got my head and he's got my mouth,'" Lopez says. "And he's like, 'He's got my eyes and my nose, and I'm like, 'Thank God she's got my nose!' Its awful!"

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She goes on, "I was like, 'Look, they have lighter hair!' And he goes, 'That was me when I was a baby.' Marc's hair is pitch black, by the way. But you want it all to be you. She's got my little body, it's crazy. That's the nature of who we are, we can't help it. We're both trying to steal it all."

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That's why she hasn't tossed out her pregnancy sweatpants.

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"They're super extra big now," says Lopez. "Who knows if I get pregnant again? I might need them!"