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Donnie Wahlberg has nothing to prove on Valentine's Day. He already wins at romance, according to his wife, Jenny McCarthy.

"I'm not joking when I say this," Jenny told Wonderwall.com. "He's the most romantic guy. At least once to twice a week he sends me flowers that say, 'Just Because' or Hi.' He surprises me at work, events, trips. I can't keep up with his romantic side."

Donnie, for his part, just shrugs at the notion that he is the pinnacle of romance, saying, "I don't feel like I'm doing anything special. I feel like she's special and I could do more."

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The couple rang in Valentine's Day at Las Vegas' 1 OAK Nightclub, dancing and kissing and acting every bit the newlyweds that they are.

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It's the second marriage for the "Donny Loves Jenny" stars, but they both say they've learned from their pitfalls and don't plan on repeating the mistakes that were made.

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"We learned a lot of lessons the first time around," Jenny said. "Hopefully people were as picky as we were. When you find your mirror, your reflection, you don't let him go. I would have fought to the death to have Donnie for the rest of my life."

And as her doting husband looked on, grinning, his eyes focused solely on Jenny, he said, "I gave in. She didn't have to fight anyone. I rolled over like an old dog."