Well, they are Duggar's after all! Things sound a little more sexually charged between Jessa and Ben Seewald these days.

During the couple's well-documented courtship, the only physical contact allowed was side hugs and they had to have chaperones when they hung out together. Since getting married in November 2014, though, they've graduated to a different kind of physical contact.

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"I think we're past the side hugs," Jessa told Memphis' FM 100, hinting that she and her husband have moved well past the Duggar family's strict dating guidelines. The couple, like other Duggar children, didn't even share a kiss until after they said their vows.

Married life is a little looser for the couple now.

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"We're definitely in love, and well on our way in this newlywed life," she told the radio station. "And we're just loving it."

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Next up (now that they've moved past side hugs): Children, duh! In case you had forgotten, these are the Duggars, stars of "19 Kids and Counting."

"We're looking forward to starting a family, but we don't have any news to say yet," she said. "We're looking forward to kids and also adoption is something we're really praying about... You have to be married for two years before you can adopt."