Justin Timberlake may be Jessica Biel's one-and-only now, but before their Oct. 19 wedding in Fasano, Italy, the Hitchcock actress, 30, found herself in a beefy man sandwich with two very naked guys who were not her fiance.

The newly minted Mrs. Timberlake opened up about the awkward encounter during an appearance on Monday's Late Show With David Letterman to promote her new film, about the making of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

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"You can't really keep [a wedding] a secret, but we wanted to keep most of it a secret, at least up until it actually happened. So I kind of got quite obsessed with this CIA operative scheme I put in play right before the wedding," the star told Letterman.

Step one of this so-called scheme? Sneaking off to an "obscure Alpine lodge in Austria" for what was supposed to be a "relaxing, Zen-like" pre-nuptial spa weekend with a friend.

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As Biel tells it, the girls' getaway started off okay, but things quickly took an uncomfortable -- if hilarious -- turn.

"We're in the spa, in the sauna, and in walk two husky Austrian men," she explained. "I didn't really quite know what the protocol was, so I just laid there, frozen in my bikini and my robe and my towel and my slippers...And they drop their towels -- and they are butt naked. Older, husky men. They were naked! And I'm in the middle of them!"

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It got worse from there. "I look over, and I realize, yes, it is confirmed -- there are balls on wood," she told Letterman. "I mean, not just naked, but balls on wood, Dave!"

"I was so stunned," she continued. "I was having this internal conniption. I just laid there...sandwiched in between [them]."

Thankfully, the actress was rescued from the situation by her gal pal. "We found out later it was actually very normal," she said, laughing. "Some places in Europe, the spas are co-ed and nudity is cool."

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