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As Joan Rivers condition worsened during a fatal surgical procedure, doctors delayed calling 911 for 10 minutes, according to a new report.

The New York Post said doctors continued scoping procedures on the comedienne's throat even after her pulse and blood pressure plummeted.

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By piecing together interviews, confidential EMT records and a federal report, the Post put together a play-by-play of that fateful day, even saying Joan "might still be alive" if the two throat specialists had started CPR earlier and called 911.

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The two specialists did eventually begin resuscitation attempts, but it was too late. Only then did they call 911, the newspaper suggests.

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"She had no heartbeat, no pulse, she wasn't breathing," a source said. "She had cyanosis around the lips and the mouth -- that's when your lips turn blue from lack of oxygen. That takes several minutes without oxygen."

Had emergency workers been able to save Joan's life, it's likely she would have had brain damage as oxygen was deprived to her brain for a significant amount of time.