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Jon Bon Jovi has witnessed the so-called rock-and-roll lifestyle for decades, but nothing could have prepared him for the phone call he received last November that his 19-year-old daughter had overdosed on heroin.

Opening up on Katie Couric's talk show, "Katie," on Friday, the rocker recalled the day he discovered that his daughter, Stephanie Bongiovi, was hospitalized after overdosing at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York.

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"Worst phone call ever," he admitted.

It served as a wake-up call for the "It's My Life" singer, 51; he told Couric he was "shocked as the next parent with this situation" when he learned about Stephanie's problems with drugs.

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"In short, that problem is much more a problem than I knew, and I can't get over how many people have said, 'My son, my daughter,'" Jon told Couric. "There's a lot of pressure on kids these days."

Fortunately, the Grammy nominee says Stephanie is doing much better now with the support of their entire family. (She's the eldest of Jon's four kids with wife of 23 year Dorothea Hurley; her siblings are Jesse, 18, Jacob, 10, and Romeo, 8.)

"She's doing great," he said. "I'm just blessed she's healthy and whole and we'll get through it."

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Although initially Stephanie and her friend, Ian S. Grant, were arrested on drug possession charges after officers found heroin, marijuana and drug paraphernalia in her dorm room, those misdemeanor charges were dropped due to a recently amended state law.

The 2011 "Good Samaritan" law exempted people from possession charges if they had sought help for somebody experiencing a drug or alcohol overdose, and Grant had called for medical assistance on Stephanie's behalf.


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