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Jude Law should probably just be thankful that he didn't end up on Maury. Samantha Burke, who gave birth last month to his fourth child, a daughter named Sophia, has decided to broadcast the results of the paternity test.

"Samantha can confirm that DNA testing has conclusively established that Jude Law is Sophia's father," a rep for the aspiring actress and model informs the London Daily Mail.

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You know, just in case you had any lingering doubts.

But the flack apparently wasn't content with such a simple and to-the-point statement, because she then makes an attempt at what is either failed sarcasm or misplaced optimism.

"Check back in six months," says the spokeswoman. "Maybe she and Jude will be getting married."

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That seems unlikely considering that the actor, 36, who's currently earning kudos in the Broadway production of "Hamlet," reportedly hasn't seen the Florida-based Burke, 24, since their fleeting, baby-making hookup in New York last winter.

"We don't discuss this," Law's publicist tells the paper of the DNA statement. "We consider it an entirely private matter."

Law is already dad to three children (Rafferty, 13, Iris, 8, and Rudy, 7) with ex-wife Sadie Frost, who is purportedly "livid" over the situation, which the paper purports prompted an apology from her former spouse.

"She feels that he has put unnecessary pressure and upset on to the children," alleges a source, "and has put himself under financial strain, which impinges on their life."

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Adds another insider, "He has reassured the children it will not affect their family times together."

In July, Jude announced that he "intends to be a fully supportive part of the child's life," although the extent of that support remains to be seen.

He's rumored to be holding off on seeing his new addition for a couple of months because of the intense media scrutiny and his commitment to portraying the Prince of Denmark.

As for Burke, she has supposedly put out feelers to sell an exclusive interview and baby pictures, with the New York Post recently claiming that offers reached the neighborhood of $200,000.

"Samantha and Sophia are doing well," her mouthpiece tells TMZ, "and appreciate all of the well wishes they have received."

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