French star, Julie Delpy, 43, of Before Midnight no longer dreads international flights. "My son gave me a froggie charm for good luck," says the mom to Leo, 4 (with composer boyfriend Marc Streitenfeld). "I keep it with me all the time." Also found inside her Isabel Marant carryall?

No App for That

"My iPhone's screen is totally smashed. I stepped on it with a pair of not-very-hard shoes, so I don't know why it broke."

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Frequent Flosser

"I floss in my car. When I moved to America, my dentist called me Julie Rotten, if that gives you an idea of how bad my teeth were. But lately I've been cavity-free."

Mouth Guard

"I carry a lot of lip balms - I have an oral fixation! I love putting them on because I have big lips and I bite them."

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Tuning Out 

"I wear earplugs to spin class because they play the music so loud. My doctor says everyone in that room will be deaf by age 50. Fit, but deaf."

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Pest Control 

"I've got Terminix cards because they just fumigated my house for termites. We're staying with my boyfriend, so I have no clothes. I've been wearing the same pants for five days. Classy, huh?"

This article originally appeared on Julie Delpy: What's in My Bag?