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By Melissa Hunter

BREAKING BOOBS STORY! Got your attention yet? Well, hate to lead you on, but this is about those of the smaller variety. Kelly Ripa tells Life & Style that she's never had breast implants and never will. Don't worry though, Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson have each had enough to keep the average rate at around 1.3 boob jobs per starlet.

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But Kelly is happy with her less-to-love physique. It certainly makes shopping easier. The petite actress says, "I have small boobs. When I shop, I basically hold the clothes up, put the hanger over my head and go, 'It kinda looks like it'll fit."

While her larger-bazonga'd colleagues are trying to wriggle their way into size 0 dresses, we have to pause to ask Kelly, what's the deal? Don't you know sticking plastic bags inside your chest is as rich of a Hollywood tradition as Botox, tummy tucks, and general female objectification?

She explains, "I would never have a boob job. I am too wimpy. Are you kidding? I'm such a wimp!" Fair enough. Though, Dolly Parton and Lisa Rinna should really be awarded badges of courage.

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Life & Style went ahead and nudged her into the TMI zone asking her cup size. Really, guys? When do mainstream tabloids ask dudes the length of their penises? Ripa is a good sport and says, "I like to say I'm a 32A long. I've added the long because I've nursed three kids." Way to be specific, Ripa. Adds the additional visual for any creepsters out there.

Ripa wraps up the boob talk with saying, "I feel really happy as I am now and what I've got. He's happy [her husband], so he doesn't care about that."

Well, I gotta say I'm happy that at least one woman in Hollywood is embracing what she was born with and not going down the life-sized Barbie road. Now hopefully we can focus on the important female issues like getting rid of baby weight and how to never age.