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Justin Bieber knows what people think about him, whether it's that he's arrogant, pompous, conceited or any other adjective with a negative connotation. He knows that he can only blame himself, too.

But, the "Beauty and a Beat" singer is slowly rehabbing his image. Last week, after appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," he posted a video where he admitted that he's been putting up a front and has been pretending to be someone that he's not. The video almost immediately went viral.

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In another sit down with Ellen DeGeneres, this time on Feb. 5, Justin spoke about that video while continuing to be reflective and apologetic about his past childish behavior.

"It was the first time I was on television for a long time and I just was worried about what people were thinking about me," Justin explained to the talk show host. "I did a lot of things over the past few years that I'm not proud of ... I was just nervous to be in front of people again and talk in front of them ... I thought I just looked really extra nervous and I kinda just wanted to explain myself."

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The video was incredibly well-received and got nearly 5 million views.

"I am a human, right?" Justin told Ellen. "People often forget that, even with some of their comments and stuff they think it doesn't get to me. But it gets to me. You know, things that people say bother me and I gotta be strong enough to just keep it pushing."

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With his multiple brushes with the law potentially (and hopefully!) behind him, Justin said, "I'm passionate about being better and growing. I think that this is going to be an awesome chapter in my life."