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Looks like Justin Bieber is all for mixing business and pleasure on the road.

Just a few weeks after he was spotted skinny-dipping in Bora Bora with model and blogger Jayde Pierce, the Biebs shared some drinks -- and a hug and a whisper or two -- with one of his backup dancers.

According to the Daily Mail, the glowing young lady by Justin's side at The Square Pig and Pen Wednesday night was Elysandra Quinones, who's worked with the singer at least since his 2012 Believe tour.

The pair hit the town a few hours after Justin arrived at Heathrow and were joined by friends at the pub after dinner. Judging from the photos, however, they Justin and Elysandra remained pretty focused on one another throughout the evening, leaning in close to one another, touching arms and whispering in one another's ears.

In an interview with ABC, Elysandra has gushed that Justin is "super cool," telling the news station that while on tour, the crew of performers gets together nightly for a group prayer and "group chant" before they go onstage.

Justin, meanwhile, has said he's not sure if he's ready to be in a relationship again in the post-Selena Gomez era, telling Ellen DeGeneres he's feeling "single and ready to mingle."

Mingle mission accomplished.


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