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For weeks, the rumor mill has been cranking with talk that Justin Timberlake has cut Jessica Biel loose after nearly three years of often grim-faced coupledom. Not so, says his mom, who believes everything is hunky-dory.

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In a chat with E! News, the crooner's mother, Lynn Harless, gives a sweet response when asked what type of girl she'd like to see on the arm of her famous son.

"The one he's with now is awesome," she enthuses. "He's found someone that'll golf with him, give him a hard time when he deserves it and stand up to him."

But Timberlake hit the links without Biel last week at a Las Vegas tournament he organized to raise money for Shriners Hospitals for Children (he also headlined and emceed a benefit concert on Saturday night with big names such as Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys).

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"Justin seemed to be having a good time hanging out with old friends," a source tells E!, which says his onetime *NSYNC band mate Chris Kirkpatrick was among those he caught up with while making the Sin City scene.

Jessica was a no-show because she was reportedly busy attending a Broadway workshop in New York (and being dubbed a "lonely girl" after daring to step outside alone during daylight hours).

Still, another insider asserts that the chart-topper is telling his buddies he's now flying solo.

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Speaking of his buddies, they've apparently had a change of heart about the actress. You'll recall that, back in July, a snitch griped to the New York Daily News, "All his friends think she's really annoying. She's always trying to be one of the guys."

But FoxNews.com claims that Timberlake's inner circle isn't pleased with his ostensible decision to move on.

"Justin's friends are usually all about anything he wants, but in this case, his boys are totally disappointed in him," alleges a mole. "They think he's making a big mistake by dumping Jess. Justin and Jess have their problems, but all in all, his friends think she is one of the best things that ever happened to him."

Sounds believable enough, but then the source loses us by maintaining that the singer's pals "have pulled a disappearing act" because they're upset about his supposedly reclaimed bachelor status.

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"They really thought he got past all of that," harrumphs the insider. "It's a shame his friends can't just be there for him, but they have their opinions, and they disagree with his choice to dump Jess."

So, just so we're all on the same page, instead of the more likely scenario that Timberlake's entourage would be rejoicing over the return to the carefree days of partying and all that comes from hanging with a superstar (think always-flowing champagne and an endless parade of hotties), they are "shunning him" for deep-sixing a girlfriend they supposedly didn't much like to begin with.

It seems another confidant also has problems with the plausibility of this tale, telling Gossip Cop that there's no freeze-out because Jessica and Justin are still together and have "never split up."

Either way, Biel returned to Vancouver, British Columbia, on Sunday to continue work on "The A-Team," but she purportedly wasn't looking all that thrilled to be back. An eyewitness tells Lainey Gossip that while dining with her assistant, the actress seemed "listless and bored, barely touching her food."

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