Nothing helps soothe an injury quite like laughter -- just ask Kristin Chenoweth and Kathy Griffin.

After Broadway vet Chenoweth, 44, suffered a head injury while filming an episode of CBS' The Good Wife in July, her pal Griffin stepped in to help nurse the actress back to health.

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In a series of hilarious Twitter pics posted to the comic's page Tuesday, Griffin aided her pal "the way [Griffin's mom] Maggie would" -- with a bottle of wine!

Hit with a piece of lighting equipment that collapsed from a large gust of wind on the Good Wife's Brooklyn, N.Y., set, Chenoweth was treated at a nearby hospital at the time of the incident and continues to wear a neck brace as a precautionary measure.

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Keeping a sense of humor about her accident, Chenoweth posed for pics with Griffin while wearing her brace.

"To help a sick Tony Award-winning friend, I turn to prayer," Griffin also tweeted, posting a pic of Chenoweth laying in her lap as Griffin clasped her hands in prayer.

Though she had to drop out of the show to recuperate, a source tells Us Weekly the producers have extended an open invitation to her if she'd like to return. Chenoweth's last Good Wife appearance will be on the season 4 premiere Sept. 30.

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