She may be an internationally-recognized actress living in a $12,500-a-month rental in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood with one of the world's most high-profile 6-year-olds (Suri Cruise), but Katie Holmes insists to the New York Times that she's not all that glamorous.

"I still think of myself as Midwestern," says the Toledo, Ohio native, 33, promoting her upcoming new Broadway show Dead Accounts. Case in point? "I mean, I've had box wine . . . It's good. And it's a lot easier to open."

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Another folksy example: Over the summer, at the height of her headline-making divorce from Tom Cruise, the star retreated with Suri to her family home in Toledo -- and her attorney dad, Martin, took his daughter and granddaughter out for ice cream every night.

Holmes told the Times that she discovered a new favorite flavor, "Spouse Like a House," (vanilla with chocolate-covered pretzels and caramel) and "worked off the calories by running in the parks of her childhood home," the Times reveals.

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Her Dead Accounts costar Nobert Leo Butz calls Holmes a "total nurturer" who "is always asking us how we are, if our needs as Equity members are being met -- a total nurturer."

Holmes also admits that she relates to her character, Lorna -- also a Catholic-raised woman from a big Ohio family.

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"I'm like Lorna in that my values guide me in an instinctual way, like, 'That feels weird' or ‘' better send a thank you,'" she says.

The newly single star also says she still leans on her family for support: "I have these moments where what's going on in my life is unbelievable, and you have to tell everyone to figure out how to respond. My siblings and I are always on the phone saying: 'Oh my God, what do you think? What does Mom think? What does Dad think?’ And then you act accordingly."

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The second-time Broadway star is definitely dealing with performance anxiety, too. "I have a hard time sleeping because I think about how serious this all is," she admitted. "I think about the cost of tickets. I think to myself: 'You better do a good job. People are paying a lot of money.' You want to know your stuff."

Also starring Judy Greer and Josh Hamilton, Dead Accounts has its official opening night Nov. 29 at The Music Box Theatre.

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