The Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon says her feuding days with Bethenny Frankel are finished.

Asked about their recent fiery exchange on the show, she tells Us, "It was just two girls having conflict. I really don't think anything of it. It's over."

She says they're even on better terms these days: "We are friendly."

But she doesn't regret having words with Frankel.

Says Bensimon, "You have to stand up for yourself. I don't really think anything of it."

Not all of Bensimon's drama is over: She still faces a misdemeanor assault charge for punching her boyfriend in the face. (She has pleaded not guilty.)

"It was a really horrible situation, but I'm OK," she says. "It was just really, really horrible."

She doesn't mind that all the drama is played out before the public because she is a reality show star.

"Being on the show is fun because it's all these different women, and it's New York as a back drop," she tells Us. "It's just fun to see how they navigate through New York. Sometimes they do things a different way and I like that. It doesn't necessarily mean it's my way, but it's different.