No TV? No problem! Kendra Wilkinson's 3-year-old son, Hank Baskett IV, is sure to have an active summer -- and won't be sitting in front of the small screen in his off time. "He hates TV, he will not watch it!" mom Wilkinson, 28, tells Us Weekly of her son with husband of four years, former NFL player Hank Baskett. "I tried to get him to get to watch Cinderella for the first time and he was like, 'Mama, can you turn it off? I don't like TV!'"

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Instead, Wilkinson tells Us she indulges her son's appreciation for the outdoors and chooses activities that spark his creativity. "He is like an old soul! "He loves to build things and loves to put his mind to use," mom tells Us. "He loves to be outside and learn about bugs. We go outside, see bugs and I'll Google them and teach him about them. We teach him what he's into."

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While some mothers may struggle with the day-to-day balance of work and family, Wilkinson admits to Us she finds it rather easy to multitask, especially given the fact that her son is mild-mannered and mature. "People make parenting so hard when it can be so easy. It's about never feeling guilty, feeling good about what you're doing and never going one minute without teaching him something," explains the former Playboy model. "Hank and I are very proud of our outcome as parents."

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If it's up to Wilkinson and Baskett, the couple will be able to give Hank IV a sibling before too long. "We are trying, we are going to start now," Wilkinson told Us in late June. "This is my first official announcement! We are very excited about making the decision to try!"

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