@ThatKevinSmith / Twitter 1 / 7
@ThatKevinSmith / Twitter 1 / 7

A few years after one humiliating weight-driven incident, Kevin Smith has a new body and he isn't afraid to show it off!

The actor-director-producer took to Twitter to post a before-and-after photo of himself where he proudly (and rightfully so!) boasted about his 85-lb. weight loss. In the side-by-side photo in which Kevin dressed similarly, one image is from 2008, and the other is from mid-June 2015.


"Left: me & my kid in 2008. Right: 2 weeks ago, 85 pounds later. I shan't wear pants and will never abort the shorts," Kevin captioned the dueling images. It's unknown what Kevin's weight topped out at, but he's clearly on the right track.

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Kevin has previously said that he decided to lose weight following an embarrassing incident in 2010 where he was kicked off a Southwest Airlines plane for apparently being overweight and too large to fit into a single seat.

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At the time, he went on a tirade, blasting the airline on Twitter, sending over 50 angry messages.

In a much better frame of mind now, Kevin also has a much better frame. In 2014 he told Men's Health magazine that the 2014 documentary "Fed Up" was a huge wake up call for him to live healthier.

"Awesome documentary, an anti-sugar documentary that completely changed my perception," he said, adding that he grew up paying no mind to his diet. "So then I watch this documentary last year, and I was, like, 'Oh, man, um, I really don't wanna die' - and I'm already 44 years old."