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By Brenda Rodriguez

Jack Bauer is always up for taking out a terrorist, but when Kiefer Sutherland returns to 24 on Sunday, he's got a few concerns about his heroic character. "This is the year that Jack Bauer has to save himself. It sounds simple, but it's a big shift that he's got something to live for," Sutherland tells Parade. Check out what else the Emmy-award winning actor had to say.

On Jack Bauer as a reluctant hero:

"He's in a very positive, hopeful space, very grateful to be alive. He's trying to reunite with his daughter. He's a grandfather, and he has a family to go back to. So Jack actually believes that a new life can start for himself. He even smiles a little. Then, a series of events pull him back. Traditionally, he's been the guy who's ready to step up and do his duty. But, he's much more conflicted this time and that's been interesting to play."

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On jumping -- literally -- into action:

"It's amazing that I'm still alive. Jack Bauer's taken an ass-kicking, that's for sure. It's kind of in keeping with the character that he's taken as much as he's dished out. But you can't fake the physical side of it ... Some of the stunts I can still barely do, but I've loved doing them. And the physicality of what Jack goes through is a huge part of why I think people like the show and have identified with him."

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On not being treated like Jack Bauer at airport security:

"I get in the same line as everybody else and go through the same search as everybody else. They probably talk to me a little more than the other passengers, but that's about it. I've always been shocked that people that I'm actually flying with say, 'Oh, I feel safer on the plane with you.' I'm thinking, 'You must not watch the show because everybody around me gets killed.'"

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On knowing when to quit:

"The biggest mistakes I made in my career were when I said, 'If I do this movie, I'll be able to do a couple more movies.' Those are the times I really got ugly. With the series, I'm a pretty loyal SOB. What's important to me is maintaining the quality of the show. It's not about whether people are going to watch it or not, it's whether we feel the show is about to take a dip. That would be when everybody would want it to end."

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