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Kim Kardashian's daughter is apparently in for one heck of a Christmas.

"We try not to spoil, but we have something nice that I think she'll really love," Kim Kardashian said of North West's Christmas gift. "It just got delivered so when we move in [to our new home], she'll see this new, fun play stuff that we got for her. We're going to show her on Christmas."

Kim isn't saying what it is, but perhaps it's something involving "Elf On A Shelf," the famous children's picture book, which is the 18-month-old's latest obsession. "It's her most exciting thing," Kim said.

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But, even if it's not the book, a new house and fun toys? Merry Christmas to North!

But, mommy and daddy will have a favorite moment inside their new home, too: A sentimental gift from famed photographer Bruce Weber.

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"Bruce [photographed] my daughter and I got in it and my mom got in a couple. They are the most special photos ever," she explains. "We went over to his house on a Sunday and had lunch and took photos all day. It was so fun."

She adds, "It was a causal thing and it was probably the best wedding gift I got."

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Kim's comments came as she attend the The 19th annual ACRIA Holiday Dinner in New York. And while mommy was away, North was having a field day, hanging with her cousins.

"She's spending the night [in L.A.] at Kourtney's and they had a gingerbread decorating party," she said, "so they had 20 kids there."

Christmas Season = North's season.