@brodyjenner / Instagram 1 / 11
@brodyjenner / Instagram 1 / 11

Kim Kardashian West hasn't met many reality TV cameras she didn't like, but she's warning Bruce Jenner about revealing too much of his male-to-female transition on the small screen.

Bruce's sons -- Burt, Brandon and Brody -- are also urging their father to slow his roll when it comes to the planned E! docuseries about his transition.

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"Kim and the boys think Bruce was spectacular on the Diane Sawyer special and won over millions of people in the process," TMZ reported. "[Kim and the Jenner men] say they're worried Bruce's upcoming docuseries might 'de-class' what he's accomplished."

The kids also urged Bruce not to do other interviews and finish the process in private, but the Kardashian-Jenner patriarch is going full-speed ahead.

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"Bruce believes the docuseries will educate people and create empathy, so he's committed," the website said.

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Neither Bruce's children nor his stepchildren are scheduled to be on his show.