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Like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Lil' Kim, Christina Milian and many more dark, exotic beauties before her, Kim Kardashian has gone and done the unthinkable -- OMG! -- she's apparently dyed her hair blond. Well, not exactly. She calls it blond, but we think it's more of a sandy caramel hue. Regardless, the pin-up's exclusive photos of her new 'do are currently available for all the tweeple of Twitter to view, and you can see them to your left.

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On Sunday afternoon, Kim first started tweeting/teasing her "drastic new look" on Twitter. The first tweeted image exclaimed, "I WENT BLONDE!!!! Do u like it?" Over 100,000 followers heeded her siren call and viewed the photo.

She then posted two more pictures, one which also received over 100,000 views, but the other only got a little over 40,000 views. Yawn.

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According to Kim's Twitter page, she "loves trying new things, it's fun!" On the other hand, she's "not used to it at all though!"

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And then, like some evil April Fools prank, Kim revealed that her new hair was all just an elaborate hoax! On her blog this morning, the notorious brunette confessed she was merely wearing a hair piece for a photo shoot.

Drats! Foiled again -- and by a Kardashian no less. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Next time a Kardashian cries, "Blond!" we ain't biting.

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