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By Melissa Hunter

Kim Kardashian posted pictures on her blog today of her doing a little fashion show with all of her mom Kris' old wedding dresses (oh, didn't you just love that game when you were little?). Kim had apparently tried all of these dresses on the day her sister Khloe got married.

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Let this be a warning to all you future brides out there: Never, ever let your fame-mongering mega-hot reality TV star sister near wedding dresses and a camera on your wedding day.

Kim writes on her blog, "[Khloe] called [the dress] ugly and my mom started crying because she had waited 30 years to bring this dress out, so I tried it on for her. It was a perfect fit! I did look like Little Bo Peep, but it was pretty special. I then tried on my mom's dress she wore when she married Bruce [Jenner]. It's sooo '90s hahaha."

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Oh, Kim, you so crazy! Trying on wedding dresses on your sister's wedding day! Can't wait to see you in the hospital sporting a fake baby bump the day your sister goes into labor! You know, in solidarity.

Meanwhile, there is no update on Reggie Bush's mysterious disappearance this morning. But he's probs just out trying on his granddad's tuxedos, Kim. No need to worry.