@ladygaga / Instagram 1 / 12
@ladygaga / Instagram 1 / 12

No need to hide this poker face -- Lady Gaga is looking fierce!

The singer has been lapping it up in the Bahamas over the last several days, hanging out with friends and soaking up the sun.

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Gaga took to Instagram on June 15, showing off her bikini body while boating around the island in the Atlantic Ocean. And, we gotta say, Gaga is looking good.

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Donning a yellow bikini, the "Bad Romance" singer smiles as she embraces the sun while heading out to do some sport fishing. Yes, you read that right: Lady Gaga and sport fishing (and word to the wise, don't doubt her ability to fish.)

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After catching an impressive fish, Gaga posted an image to Twitter while taking a small jab at people who didn't think she was made for the sea.

"I'm marrying a Kinney," she wrote, referencing her fiancé Taylor Kinney. "I know how to get [country.]" In the image, a bikini-clad Gaga can be seen "flipping the bird" while holding up her sea prize.

The bikini-loving Gaga or the fish? We can't tell what the better catch of the day is.