Lily Allen has been a very busy (and talkative) girl these past few weeks. January isn't even over yet and it looks like she's already completed her list of resolutions for the new year, provided that her New Years Resolutions included the following:

-- Buying a small beach in Jamaica whilst drunk.

-- Punching two photographers, kicking another, flicking a cigarette at a fourth, then asking the same photogs for another cigarette only minutes later. (This was on our own list, incidentally).

-- Working out some unresolved daddy issued by publicly stating her plans to only date men over 40 (she's 23).

-- Telling everyone about all those times she went to the nuthouse (where she may, in fact, belong).

-- Starting some beef with Katy Perry by impersonating and mocking her during an interview with the BBC.

-- Having a lesbian threesome with twins (also on our own list).

We're loving the new 2009 Lily "2.0 - no she didn't!" She's really off to a great start, and now that she's checked all this stuff off her to-do list for the year, her only problem will be figuring out what to do with all her free time for the next 11 months. Writing some songs, perhaps?