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By Saryn Chorney

What do Lily Allen and a wild elephant have in common? No, we're not making a joke about her weight.

According to the Daily Mail, the pop star is currently fulfilling a lifelong dream by going on an African safari holiday. But it appears certain realities of wild life livin' and lovin' are getting her down.

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"I already feel guilty about exploiting the animals with my camera," she said. "I've got a big, long lenz -- reminds me of some c***s I know."

But much like the paparazzi she's not-so-secretively referring to, Lily went ahead and snapped some candid pachyderm pics. She even posted them and a few other creature encounters -- lions, antelopes and "baby hefalumps" (sic), oh my! -- on her Twitter page.

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Listen up, Lily: We know the animals make you SMILE, but what's the point of publically talking about your inner paparazzi demons, only to sell out your new four-legged friends immediately afterwards? That just makes you a hippo-crite! Get it? HYPOCRITE. Har-har-har.

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Seriously, though, elephants never forget. So Lily better hope that big guy in the background doesn't have a Twitter account, or else it'll soon be stampede city in the Serengeti.